6600W Max Amplifier – The Ultimate Powerbox Pro for Car Audio

6600W Max Amplifier – The Ultimate Powerbox Pro for Car Audio

6600W Max Amplifier – The Ultimate Powerbox Pro for Car Audio

Are you ready to take your car audio experience to the next level? Look no further than the 6600W Max Amplifier. With its impressive 3300W RMS power, this full range mono amplifier is designed to deliver unparalleled performance and sound quality. Whether you’re a car audio enthusiast or a professional installer, this powerbox pro is a must-have for your audio system.

Unleash the Power

Featuring a frequency response of 15Hz – 50kHz, the 6600W Max Amplifier ensures that every note and beat is reproduced with precision and clarity. No matter what genre of music you prefer, this amplifier will bring your favorite tracks to life like never before. Say goodbye to distorted sound and hello to a truly immersive audio experience.

Unmatched Performance

With its full range Class D topology, the 6600W Max Amplifier is capable of delivering 6600 watts PEAK power. This means that you can enjoy loud and powerful sound without worrying about damaging your speakers or amplifier. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or parked at a car meet, this amplifier will make sure that your music is heard.

Flexible Crossover Options

The 6600W Max Amplifier offers a range of crossover options, including LP (low-pass), HP (high-pass), and Flat. This allows you to customize the sound to suit your preferences and the type of music you’re listening to. Whether you want deep and punchy bass or crisp and clear highs, this amplifier has you covered.

Easy Installation

Installing the 6600W Max Amplifier is a breeze. With its compact size and user-friendly design, this amplifier can be easily integrated into any car audio system. Whether you’re a seasoned installer or a DIY enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and convenience of this powerbox pro.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q: Can I use the 6600W Max Amplifier with any car audio system?
  2. A: Yes, the 6600W Max Amplifier is compatible with most car audio systems. However, we recommend consulting with a professional installer to ensure proper installation and compatibility.

  3. Q: Does the 6600W Max Amplifier come with a warranty?
  4. A: Yes, the 6600W Max Amplifier comes with a 1-year warranty. This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship.

  5. Q: Can I bridge the 6600W Max Amplifier?
  6. A: No, the 6600W Max Amplifier is not bridgeable. It is designed to be used as a mono amplifier.


If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable amplifier for your car audio system, the 6600W Max Amplifier is the perfect choice. With its 3300W RMS power and full range Class D topology, this amplifier delivers exceptional performance and sound quality. Don’t settle for mediocre sound – upgrade to the 6600W Max Amplifier and experience car audio like never before.