Amazon Brand – Jam & Honey 5 Feet Teddy (Pink)

Amazon Brand – Jam & Honey 5 Feet Teddy (Pink)

Amazon Brand – Jam & Honey 5 Feet Teddy (Pink)

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Extremely huggable toy with conjugated fiber stuffing. This 5 feet teddy is super soft, plush, and cuddly. Made of soft, non-toxic, anti-allergenic polyester fabric. Its IS-9873 certification makes it safe for children. The toy can be easily hand-washed. It is the perfect gift for your loved ones and for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, parties, anniversaries, and more. Product dimensions: Length: 88 cm; Width: 103 cm; Height: 153 cm; Weight: 3.6 kg.


1. Is the teddy bear suitable for all ages?

Yes, the teddy bear is suitable for all ages. It is made of non-toxic and anti-allergenic materials, making it safe for children.

2. Can the teddy bear be washed?

Yes, the teddy bear can be easily hand-washed. Simply follow the care instructions provided.

3. What are the dimensions of the teddy bear?

The teddy bear has a length of 88 cm, width of 103 cm, height of 153 cm, and weighs 3.6 kg.


The Amazon Brand – Jam & Honey 5 Feet Teddy (Pink) is a perfect gift for your loved ones. Its soft and cuddly nature, along with its non-toxic and anti-allergenic materials, make it suitable for all ages. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, party, or anniversary, this teddy bear is sure to bring joy and comfort.