Explosive Bath Experience: Unveiling the Groovy, Sweet, and Mysterious Da BOMB Bath Fizzers – 3 Pack, 7 oz. Each!

Experience the Ultimate Bathing Sensation with da BOMB Bath Fizzers

Indulge in a Colorful and Fragrant Bathing Experience

Are you tired of the same old boring bath routine? Look no further! Introducing da BOMB Bath Fizzers, the perfect way to transform your bath into a luxurious and relaxing experience. With our 3 Pack Groovy Bomb, Sweet Bomb, and Mystery Bomb, you’ll never want to leave the tub!

Unleash the Power of Fizz

Our da BOMB Bath Fizzers are specially formulated to create an explosion of color and fragrance in your bath. Simply drop one of our bombs into the water and watch as it fizzes and dissolves, releasing a burst of vibrant colors and delightful scents. It’s like a party in your tub!

Discover the Surprise Inside

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Each da BOMB Bath Fizzer comes with a surprise inside. From small toys to jewelry, you never know what you’ll find. It’s like a treasure hunt every time you take a bath!

Quality Ingredients for a Luxurious Bathing Experience

At da BOMB, we believe in using only the finest ingredients to create our bath fizzers. Each bomb is handcrafted with love and care, using natural and skin-friendly ingredients. You can feel good about treating yourself to a da BOMB bath!

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are da BOMB Bath Fizzers safe for sensitive skin?
  2. Yes, our bath fizzers are made with gentle ingredients that are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

  3. How long does the fizzing effect last?
  4. The fizzing effect can last anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the size of the bomb and the water temperature.

  5. Can I use multiple bath fizzers at once?
  6. Absolutely! Feel free to mix and match different bombs to create your own unique bathing experience.

  7. Are da BOMB Bath Fizzers environmentally friendly?
  8. Yes, our bath fizzers are made with biodegradable ingredients, so you can enjoy your bath without worrying about harming the environment.


With da BOMB Bath Fizzers, you can turn an ordinary bath into an extraordinary experience. Indulge in the vibrant colors, delightful scents, and surprise inside each bomb. Treat yourself to a luxurious and relaxing bath with da BOMB!