FLOW Surf Skates – The Perfect Surf Skateboard

FLOW Surf Skates – The Perfect Surf Skateboard

FLOW Surf Skates – The Perfect Surf Skateboard

Are you ready to experience the thrill of surfing on the streets? Look no further than FLOW Surf Skates. Our surf-inspired skateboards combine the best of both worlds, bringing the exhilaration of riding a wave to sidewalks and urban landscapes.

Classic Surf Design

With its classic surf design and handy kicktail, the FLOW Surf Skate is a versatile and ready-to-rip cruiser. The snappy cambered deck allows for quick turning and pumping, while the comfortable concave and wide platform keep you feeling secure.

Surf Skate Experience

Flow Surf Skates are designed to bring the experience of surfing to the city. Whether you’re practicing your surfing maneuvers on flat days or simply cruising around town, our surf skates are perfect for the paved waves of any urban landscape.

Concrete Surfing

Don’t let flat days stop you from getting your surf fix. With FLOW Surf Skates, you can practice your surfing maneuvers on any surface. Our innovative truck technology emulates the feeling of riding a surfboard, allowing for snappy, fluid carving and smooth pumping.

Flow Tech

The FLOW Surf Skate truck was developed to provide the ultimate surf skate experience. Its unique design utilizes an internal spring to mimic the feeling of riding a wave. The adjustable spring tension allows riders of all ages and abilities to customize their ride to perfection.

Customizable Ride

Whether you prefer a tight or loose ride, the FLOW Surf Skate can be easily adjusted to suit your size and preference. The truck spring tension is adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune your ride for maximum control and comfort.

  • Adjustable truck spring tension
  • Compact 18″ wheelbase for fast pumping and easy cutbacks
  • Distinct blunted shape for a modern and stylish profile

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use FLOW Surf Skates if I’ve never surfed before?

A: Absolutely! FLOW Surf Skates are designed for riders of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a complete beginner, our surf skateboards are easy to ride and provide a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Q: Are FLOW Surf Skates suitable for kids?

A: Yes, FLOW Surf Skates are suitable for riders of all ages. The adjustable truck spring tension allows for a customizable ride, making it perfect for kids who are just starting to learn how to skate.

Q: Can I perform tricks on FLOW Surf Skates?

A: While FLOW Surf Skates are primarily designed for cruising and carving, they can also be used for basic tricks. The snappy cambered deck and wide platform provide a stable base for performing tricks such as ollies and kickflips.


Experience the thrill of surfing on the streets with FLOW Surf Skates. Our classic surf design, innovative truck technology, and customizable ride make our surf skateboards the perfect choice for riders of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer looking to practice your maneuvers on flat days or a beginner looking for a fun and exciting way to get around town, FLOW Surf Skates have got you covered.