GVM RGB LED Video Light with Lighting Kits

GVM RGB LED Video Light with Lighting Kits

GVM RGB LED Video Light with Lighting Kits

Introducing the GVM RGB LED Video Light with Lighting Kits, the perfect lighting solution for all your photography and video needs. With its high power and advanced features, this lighting kit will take your content creation to the next level.

Right Studio Light

This video lighting features a 50W high power output, providing a brightness of 8500lux/0.5m and 3000lux/1m. It is composed of 560 LED lamp beads, which offer an ultra-high CRI of 97+. This high color accuracy helps restore and enrich the colors of your subjects, resulting in natural and vibrant video shooting effects.

Camera Light Simulate 8 Scene

With this photography light, you can simulate various scenes such as TV, candles, police cars, lightning, paparazzi, disco, party, and broken light bulbs. It is perfect for Zoom, Webex, Web Conference, video recording, and broadcasting, providing you with versatile lighting options for different settings.

APP Intelligent Control System

This lighting kit comes with an APP that allows you to control the brightness, color temperature (3200K-5600K), hue, and pure color of the studio light. Simply connect the light to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and use the APP to adjust the settings. This remote control feature makes it easier and more convenient to achieve the desired lighting effects.

RGB Support Master and Slave Control Mode

The GVM RGB LED Video Light supports both master and slave control modes. You can set one light as the master mode and control all other GVM lights as slave mode. This allows for easy and synchronized control of multiple lights, ensuring consistent lighting across your setup.

Two Power Supply Methods

This zoom lighting for computer can be powered by an AC adapter (included) or a 7.4V-4400mAh lithium-ion battery (not included). This versatility allows you to use the lights indoors or outdoors, making it suitable for various shooting locations. The package includes 2 RGB video lights, 2 power cords, 2 adapters, 2 diffusers, 2 folding pages, 2 light stands, 1 carrying bag, and 1 manual.

  • High power output of 50W
  • Brightness of 8500lux/0.5m and 3000lux/1m
  • Ultra-high CRI of 97+
  • Simulate 8 different scenes
  • APP control for easy adjustment
  • Master and slave control mode
  • Two power supply options

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use these lights for outdoor photography?
  2. Yes, you can power the lights using the included lithium-ion battery for outdoor use.

  3. How many lights can I control with the master mode?
  4. You can control multiple lights with the master mode. The exact number depends on the specific setup.

  5. Is the APP compatible with both iOS and Android?
  6. Yes, the APP is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

In conclusion, the GVM RGB LED Video Light with Lighting Kits is a versatile and powerful lighting solution for all your photography and video needs. With its high power output, advanced control features, and convenient power supply options, this lighting kit will elevate your content creation to new heights. Whether you are shooting YouTube videos, gaming streams, or professional conferences, this lighting kit will ensure that your subjects are well-lit and vibrant. Upgrade your lighting setup today and unleash your creativity!