Ice Maker Machine – Description

Ice Maker Machine – Description

Ice Maker Machine – Make Fresh Bullet-shaped Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes made by KeeGone ice cube maker Rapid Refrigeration Technique are really cool! Nearly clear ice Cubes come out ridiculously fresh, smooth and crispy bullets of ice. The bullet ice cubes made by our ice maker tend to cool drinks faster than ice balls or ice cubes, bringing the chill back to summer fast. The stunning bullet ice cubes will definitely take your drinks to the next level.

Human-machine interaction

The LED display ice maker is equipped with touch technology, realizing direct “human-machine interaction”, brings a more realistic sense of use to the user. Simply add water, select the size of the ice cubes(S and L are optional), and touch one button to make ice. During the ice-making process, you can clearly see the ice-making time, and you can also set the time on the LED screen as the local time, making it a perfect clock function.

Reservation Function

KeeGone ice machine has an intelligent reservation function, which sets it apart from traditional ice machines. Once you have set a time, you can make ice cubes whenever you need them, thus ensuring fresh ice cubes at all times. As a result, it solves the problem of ice cubes losing their taste over time when prepared in advance.

Energy & Water Saving

The KeeGone ice maker with QUIET DC FAN and PRO COMPRESSOR means efficient cooling and your break or work time will not be disturbed. The ice maker countertop tends to recycle the melted ice back to the ice maker for refreezing, saving time and water. The high-quality foam layer provides excellent insulation, ensuring the machine uses less electricity and keeps the ice for longer, thus keeping water and electricity bills low and reducing the impact on the environment.

Self-cleaning function

Unlike traditional ice machines, the automatic cleaning technology of the ice machine can automatically complete the cleaning process, saving time and effort; regular automatic cleaning can prevent the ice machine from breeding harmful substances and extend its service life.

Infrared Sensor 2.0

The upgraded infrared sensor automatically detects “ICE FULL” and “ADD WATER” situations and sends audible and visual alerts. Portable ice maker can be located anywhere in the kitchen with free countertop space, thanks to its compact size 35.6(D)*23(W)*30(H) cm and weighs only 7.5kg. Camping, tailgating, boating, RV, office, rec room, as long as there is a power source and pure water, the scenarios in which a portable ice maker machine can come in handy are nearly endless.

  • TIP: An ice maker is by definition not a freezing machine, it cannot keep the ice frozen. Use the ice immediately or keep them in a fridge.
  • KeeGone recommends filling the tank with clean, cool, filtered water but not 100% pure distilled water.
  • Ice machines should have 1″ of clearance on all sides for proper ventilation.
  • Let it stands upright for at least 12 hours before you FIRST use the unit.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the KeeGone Ice Maker Machine. With its innovative features and sleek design, this portable countertop ice cube maker is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a party, going camping, or simply enjoying a refreshing drink at home, the KeeGone Ice Maker Machine will ensure that you always have fresh bullet-shaped ice cubes at your fingertips. Say goodbye to traditional ice trays and hello to the future of ice making!