JUAREZ Opus JRK681 61-Key Portable Electronic Simulation Piano Keyboard

JUAREZ Opus JRK681 61-Key Portable Electronic Simulation Piano Keyboard

JUAREZ Opus JRK681 61-Key Portable Electronic Simulation Piano Keyboard

Playing the keyboard has never been so easy! This is a keyboard that is specially designed for beginners and all those looking for an introduction to the exciting world of music. All functions and buttons are deliberately clearly arranged so that even inexperienced musicians can easily find their way around right from the start.

Key Features

Keynote Stickers

The keynotes stickers are specially designed to keep your eyes on the notes while you play. It makes learning the notes easy and speeds memory of the keys. Keynote stickers are included within the keyboard piano package that is both easy to fit and giving you a visual indication of the right keys to play. A super helping hand for when you鈥檙e learning to play, these keynote stickers help you identify keys as you play, improving your muscle memory.

Designed for Beginners

This electronic piano keyboard is most suitable for kids and beginners. This multifunctional keyboard features 61 standard keys, providing versatile learning and exciting acoustic experience. With advanced sound options and a smart LCD display is easy to read and can help you in memorizing the note and fingering. it’s easy for beginners to learn.

Education Music Instrument

This music instrument develops children’s interest in music from an early age and lets children have a good habit. Many different sounds, rhythms, and melodies can play different music. With safe and environmentally friendly materials, fine craftsmanship, and with elegant edging design children has no harm.

LCD Display

The clear LCD display, which is easy to read thanks to its large font, ensures quick orientation. Learn how to play the piano with an interactive and effective teaching mode. The LCD indicates which keys and chords should be played and also displays the beat point, to ensure you stay at the right tempo.


  • 61 Key Simulation Piano Keyboard with Touch function
  • 140mm Piano Key length
  • With music player(USB Flash Disk not included)
  • LCD Display
  • 200 Timbres/128 Rhythms
  • 10 Demonstration Songs/Keyboard Percussion
  • Master Volume/Chord Volume/Rhythm Volume Control
  • Single Finger/Fingered Chord/Chord off
  • Start/Stop/Sync/Fill-in/Metronome/Tempo Control
  • Rhythm Programming Function/Record&Playback
  • Pitch Bend/Vibrato/Sustain/Memory
  • Transpose Control/Dual/Keyboard Split Feature
  • One-key/Follow/Ensemble
  • USB Flash Disk Jack
  • Phone/Output Jack/Audio Input Jack
  • Product Dimensions: 971x379x140(mm)
  • Power Supply: DC 12V/AC Adaptor


The JUAREZ Opus JRK681 61-Key Portable Electronic Simulation Piano Keyboard is the perfect choice for beginners and those looking to explore the world of music. With its user-friendly interface, key note stickers, and LCD display, learning to play the piano has never been easier. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, this keyboard offers versatile learning and an exciting acoustic experience. Invest in this keyboard and start your musical journey today!