LOQILOQI – Van Gogh – Tote Bag – Starry Night (1889)

LOQILOQI – Van Gogh – Tote Bag – Starry Night (1889)

LOQILOQI – Van Gogh – Tote Bag – Starry Night (1889)

Introducing the LOQILOQI Van Gogh Tote Bag, a must-have for art enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike. This stunning bag features the iconic painting Starry Night (1889) by Vincent van Gogh, bringing a touch of artistic elegance to your everyday style.

Starry Night: A Timeless Masterpiece

Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night is one of the most recognizable and beloved paintings in the world. Its swirling brushstrokes and vibrant colors capture the essence of the night sky, creating a mesmerizing and dreamlike atmosphere. With the LOQILOQI Van Gogh Tote Bag, you can carry a piece of art history wherever you go.

Stylish and Practical

Not only is the LOQILOQI Van Gogh Tote Bag a fashion statement, but it is also highly functional. Made from durable and lightweight materials, this bag is perfect for carrying your everyday essentials. Whether you’re heading to work, running errands, or going out with friends, this tote bag is designed to meet your needs.


  • Spacious main compartment
  • Interior zip pocket for secure storage
  • Sturdy handles for comfortable carrying
  • Water-resistant material for added protection

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the bag machine washable?

Yes, the LOQILOQI Van Gogh Tote Bag is machine washable. Simply toss it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and let it air dry. Please note that excessive washing may cause the colors to fade over time.

2. Can I use this bag for grocery shopping?

Absolutely! The LOQILOQI Van Gogh Tote Bag is not only stylish but also eco-friendly. Say goodbye to single-use plastic bags and embrace a more sustainable shopping experience with this reusable tote bag.

3. Is the design printed on both sides of the bag?

No, the Starry Night design is printed on one side of the bag. The other side features a solid color that complements the artwork.


The LOQILOQI Van Gogh Tote Bag is a perfect blend of art and functionality. With its iconic Starry Night design and practical features, this bag is a true masterpiece. Whether you’re an art lover, a fashion enthusiast, or simply in need of a reliable tote bag, this is the perfect accessory for you. Carry a piece of art wherever you go and make a statement with the LOQILOQI Van Gogh Tote Bag.