Leopard Bamboo Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop

Leopard Bamboo Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop

Leopard Bamboo Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop

[ Keep Bread Fresh ] the back of the bread box with 10 small holes, which can promote air circulation, and adjusting temperature and humidity to keep the breads fresh up to 3-4 days


  • [ 2 Doors with Clear Windows ] The bread box have 2 doors with clear windows which can easily see everything inside; each doors with 2 handle, which is easily to open the doors, the doors can be opening by 180 degree, easily for you to take out the breads
  • [ Fully Adjustable Shelf ] The removable shelf can be use as cutting board, it鈥檚 so convenience for you to cutting breads
  • [ Arc Design ] The bread box with arc design, which can move the bread box easily; the the bottom board is 0.78鈥?from the table top, can keep the bread box clear; on the top of the bread box, there have a extra flat storage space of 14.17″L x 9″W, you can storage your spices or other things


  • The size of the bread box is 14.17″L x 9″W x 13.38″ H, large enough to hold more bread
  • Storage space: 12.6″L x 7.87″W x 11.8″ H
  • Fully adjustable shelf: 12.6″L x 7.87″W x 0.47″( Thickness )
  • The bread box can use as 2 tiers, the height of the storage can be 4.72 inches, 5.9 inches and 7.08 inches, you can fully adjust the height by yourself

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can the bread box keep bread fresh for a long time?
  2. Yes, the bread box is designed with 10 small holes at the back to promote air circulation and adjust temperature and humidity, keeping the bread fresh for up to 3-4 days.

  3. Is the shelf removable?
  4. Yes, the shelf is fully adjustable and can be used as a cutting board for your convenience.

  5. What is the size of the bread box?
  6. The bread box measures 14.17″L x 9″W x 13.38″H, providing ample space to hold more bread.


The Leopard Bamboo Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop is a must-have for any kitchen. With its 2-layer design, clear windows, and removable shelf, it offers convenience and organization for storing your bread. The arc design allows for easy movement, while the additional storage space on top provides room for spices or other items. Keep your bread fresh and enjoy the benefits of this stylish and functional bread box.