Matthews Cotswold Churchill Premium White Bread Flour

Matthews Cotswold Churchill Premium White Bread Flour

Matthews Cotswold Churchill Premium White Bread Flour

Product Description

“We may be new to you, but we’ve been around a while! With a milling legacy spanning eight generations, Matthews Cotswold Flour is one of the UK’s oldest family-run flour mills.

Trading grain and milling flour in the heart of the Cotswolds since the 1800s, we’re proud to offer premium quality Organic and Stoneground Wholegrain flour, using grain from local farmers and traditional milling techniques.

We supply predominately small, professional, artisan bakers all over the UK including 3 out of the last BIA bakers of the year. We mill using traditional stoneground methods and roller for premium bakers’ white flours. We source and blend our 8 types of grain from our local Cotswold Grain Partnership to create award winning bread, wholegrain, culinary, pastry and speciality flour blends.

The Matthews Cotswold Flour story began when the original FWP (Frederick) Matthews built a mill on the river Evenlode in 1912. You’ll find us working here to this day, overlooking the picturesque Cotswold village of Shipton-Under-Wychwood. It’s where we mill, pack and ship every order to your door.

Today, the company is led by father and son team Paul and Bertie Matthews – FWP Matthews’ great, great-grandsons.


  • Wheat Flour [Wheat flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin (B3), Thiamin (B1)].

Manufacturer Contact Information

FWP MATTHEWS LTD, Station Road, Shipton under Wychwood, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 6BH


Is a strong high protein bread flour. Finely milled from a blend of high protein hard wheat sourced between Cotswold village of Churchill and Blenheim palace. Encourages beautiful gluten development and easy kneading and shaping. This flour contains a 12.8% protein which supports the rise and structure of your bread. Perfect for hand and bread machines. Blend with Stoneground wholegrain flour for a richer more complex flavour.


The wheat to make Churchill needs to be of high protein strength to ensure its consistency when baking. We test all of the wheat before accepting any load into the mill. Each load is collected from one of our local Cotswold Grain Partnership farmers by Matthews and delivered direct to the mill. During harvest this can mean literally driving straight onto the field and down the hill to the Cotswold mill. The wheat is stored in our 100-year-old pine grain silos before being finely roller milled into a pure consistent strong white bread flour for home baking or professional artisan bakers around the UK.


  • All bread recipes
  • Sourdough bread recipes
  • Sourdough starter
  • Artisan bread recipes
  • Bagels
  • No-knead bread
  • White bread


  1. Ask your local Artisan baker for a bit of their sourdough starter.
  2. Follow a formula of a sourdough baker like Elaine Boddy.
  3. Don’t forget to feed your starter.
  4. Shape your loaves properly on a large work surface, rotate 90 degrees and pull back to yourself. Try not to shape too tightly as it will lose its structure.
  5. Don’t over ferment your dough to the point where it becomes wet and sticky. If you find this reduce your fermentation time.
  6. For improved taste, structure, flexibility and a slower rise refrigerated proofing can work wonders. Be sure the dough is in an airtight container.


The flour is named “Churchill” as the wheat comes from the area between the village of Churchill 4 miles to our west and Blenheim palace 10 miles to our east once home to the great Winston Churchill. In between sits a new farmer called Jeremy who supplies some very strong high protein bread wheat we used in the grist for this Churchill strong white flour seen on “Clarkson’s Farm”. This flour is then used to make sourdough bread in the mill, surrounding local bakeries. This flour is chosen as the number 1 flour for sourdough baking by Cotswold master bakers around the country.