Milwaukee 48-22-9404 1/4″ Drive 26pc Ratchet & Socket Set – SAE

Milwaukee 48-22-9404 1/4″ Drive 26pc Ratchet & Socket Set – SAE


The Milwaukee 48-22-9404 1/4″ Drive 26pc Ratchet & Socket Set – SAE is a versatile and innovative toolset designed to meet all your socket needs. It features a 90 tooth ratchet tool with a 4-degree arc swing, allowing you to work in tight and confined spaces. The slim profile design of the ratchet tool makes it perfect for working under the hood of a car or in the middle of a remodel.

The set includes 26 pieces of sockets that are anti-roll and wrench-ready. The sockets have four flat sides, preventing them from rolling off surfaces and making them easy to grip with a wrench. Each socket is stamped with SAE measurements on the flat side for easy visibility and identification.

The Milwaukee 48-22-9404 set comes with a removable inner tray, designed for long-term storage in a steel storage chest. It also includes a durable carrying case for ultimate portability, allowing you to take the set with you wherever you go, be it in the garage or on the jobsite.


– 90 tooth ratchet tool with 4-degree arc swing
– Slim profile design for tight and confined spaces
– Anti-roll and wrench-ready sockets with four flat sides
– SAE measurements stamped on sockets for easy visibility
– Removable inner tray for long-term storage
– Durable carrying case for portability
– Accessories included for versatile use


The Milwaukee 48-22-9404 set offers several benefits to users. The 90 tooth ratchet tool allows for precise and efficient work in tight spaces, making it ideal for various applications. The anti-roll and wrench-ready sockets provide convenience and ease of use, preventing accidents and improving productivity. The stamped SAE measurements ensure quick and accurate socket selection. The removable inner tray and durable carrying case offer organized storage and easy transportation. With the included accessories, this set is suitable for both garage and jobsite use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this set be used for professional applications?
– Yes, the Milwaukee 48-22-9404 set is designed for both professional and DIY use.

2. Are the sockets compatible with other ratchet tools?
– Yes, the sockets in this set are compatible with any 1/4″ drive ratchet tool.

3. Is the carrying case durable enough for rough handling?
– Yes, the carrying case is made of high-quality materials to withstand rough handling.

4. Can the set be easily stored in a toolbox?
– Yes, the removable inner tray allows for easy storage in a toolbox or steel storage chest.


The Milwaukee 48-22-9404 1/4″ Drive 26pc Ratchet & Socket Set – SAE is a versatile and reliable toolset that offers convenience, durability, and portability. With its innovative design and high-quality construction, this set is perfect for various applications, whether in the garage or on the jobsite. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, you can trust Milwaukee to deliver exceptional performance and quality.