OBEST All Waterproof Motorcycle Dash Cam 720P

OBEST All Waterproof Motorcycle Dash Cam 720P

OBEST All Waterproof Motorcycle Dash Cam 720P

Are you tired of worrying about your safety while riding your motorcycle? Look no further! Introducing the OBEST All Waterproof Motorcycle Dash Cam 720P. With its HD dual cameras and waterproof design, this dash cam is the perfect companion for any motorcycle enthusiast.

HD Dual Cameras for Clear Video Images

The OBEST Dashcam features a 720p front camera and a 480p rear camera, allowing you to capture clear video images while riding. The front camera has a wide 120-degree angle, while the rear camera has a 90-degree angle, ensuring that you don’t miss any blind spots. With its 2-inch HD screen, you can easily view and review your recordings.

Loop Recording and Parking Monitoring

Never worry about running out of storage space with the loop recording feature. The dash cam automatically starts recording when your motorcycle is turned on and saves the footage when it is turned off. The oldest recordings are automatically overwritten to make room for new ones. Additionally, the dash cam has built-in parking monitoring, which means it will start recording automatically in the event of a collision while your motorcycle is parked.

Gravity Sensor and Video Lock

In case of an emergency, the OBEST Dash Cam automatically locks the video to prevent it from being overwritten. This ensures that important footage is preserved. The dash cam also has a built-in gravity sensor, which detects vibrations or collisions and automatically activates video mode.

Energy-Saving Chip Cooling

The OBEST Dash Cam is equipped with high-efficiency chips that provide stable output. It also features a cooling fin design, which prevents the dash cam from overheating or freezing during long rides. You can ride with peace of mind knowing that your dash cam will continue recording without any issues.

Waterproof Remote Control for Easy Operation

The OBEST Dash Cam comes with a waterproof remote control and cable controller. Both are IP67 waterproof, allowing you to use them in most weather conditions. The remote control is installed on the handle, making it easily accessible while riding. The controller features multifunction buttons for video playback, locking, and starting video recording.

  • 720p front camera and 480p rear camera for clear video images
  • Loop recording and parking monitoring for continuous recording
  • Gravity sensor and video lock for emergency situations
  • Energy-saving chip cooling for long rides
  • Waterproof remote control for easy operation

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the OBEST Dash Cam come with a memory card?
  2. No, the OBEST Dash Cam does not come with a memory card. It supports a maximum of 32GB memory card, which is not included.

  3. Can the dash cam be used in all weather conditions?
  4. Yes, the dash cam and remote control are both IP67 waterproof, making them suitable for most weather conditions.

  5. How do I operate the dash cam?
  6. The dash cam can be easily operated using the cable controller or the remote control. The remote control is installed on the handle for easy access while riding.

In conclusion, the OBEST All Waterproof Motorcycle Dash Cam 720P is a must-have accessory for any motorcycle rider. With its HD dual cameras, loop recording, parking monitoring, and waterproof design, it provides the ultimate safety and convenience. Don’t compromise on your safety, invest in the OBEST Dash Cam today!