Pedigree Adult Chunks Rich Chicken in Jelly 14 x (3 x 100 g)Pedigree Dog Food Pouches

Pedigree Adult Chunks Rich Chicken in Jelly 14 x (3 x 100 g)Pedigree Dog Food Pouches

Pedigree Adult Chunks Rich Chicken in Jelly 14 x (3 x 100 g)Pedigree Dog Food Pouches

Pedigree Dog Food Pouches come in an assortment of flavours allowing for a fully nutritious diet, packed with the vitamins and minerals a healthy dog needs. Easy tear pouches are designed for a quick and effective way of serving the food either as a stand alone meal or in combination with kibble or another mixer. Each pouch is filled with nutrients like calcium to help support strong bones, natural fibres to make sure your dog’s insides stay healthy. Zinc, sunflower oil and vitamin E to help protect their immune system, keep skin healthy and help maintain a shiny coat. 100 Percent complete wet dog food made specifically for your four-legged friend, for a healthy dog, choose good food, choose Pedigree.

Product Description

Delicious and tasty complete wet dog food

Nutrient-filled food for dogs

No artificial flavours or colours

No added sugar and low in fat

Easy to open sachets


  • Meat and animal derivatives (40 Percent, including 4 Percent chicken)
  • Oils and fats (0.5 Percent sunflower oil)
  • Minerals
  • Derivatives of vegetable origin (0.5 Percent dried sugar beet pulp)
  • Vegetable protein extracts

Pedigree Everything we do is for the love of dogs. For us, dogs aren’t just our job, they’re our life. Our philosophy is to provide leading-edge nutrition that’s affordable for everyone. And with over 80 years of experience making pet food, we’re proud of our products. Our dedication goes into every product we make, and we work hard to develop ideal quality, nutritious products that’ll help keep dogs of all breeds and ages happy and healthy. Pedigree Pouches are the optimum meal for man’s best friend, with healthy nutrients and a tasty gravy sauce. Good as a stand-alone meal or combined with kibble. Each pouch comes designed with an easy tear opening, packed full of delicious wet dog food, for adult dogs of all sizes and breeds. Reference of Vital Protection is part of the packaging design which might vary. Different flavours allowing for a flexible, tasty and healthy diet, with the nutrients your canine needs – with moist, succulent chicken in jelly. Nutrient-rich food, filled with natural fibres, calcium, vitamin E, omega 6, zinc and sunflower oil to help protect their inside and outside. Items delivered: 14x(3×100). Pedigree Wet Dog Food Pouches with Chicken in Jelly, developed by nutritionists for healthy dogs.