Product Content – The Perfect Solution for Your Needs

Product Content – The Perfect Solution for Your Needs

Product Content – The Perfect Solution for Your Needs

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” – Aristotle


Welcome to our world of innovative products! We are excited to introduce you to our Heuer 110180 Schraubstockbacken, the ultimate solution for all your needs. With its unique features and exceptional quality, this product is designed to exceed your expectations and provide you with unmatched performance.

Features and Benefits

1. Right-Angled Protection Jaws

Our Schraubstockbacken comes with right-angled protection jaws, ensuring a secure grip on your workpiece. This feature provides stability and prevents any damage or slippage during operation.

2. Planparallel Design

The planparallel design of our Schraubstockbacken guarantees precise and accurate clamping. This ensures that your workpiece remains in the desired position, allowing you to work with confidence and achieve exceptional results.

3. Integrated Special Magnets

Equipped with integrated special magnets, our Schraubstockbacken offers added convenience and efficiency. These magnets securely hold your tools and accessories, keeping them within reach and saving you valuable time during your work.

4. Perfect Fit for 180mm Schraubstock

Our Schraubstockbacken is specifically designed to fit perfectly with our 180mm Schraubstock. This compatibility ensures seamless integration and optimal performance, allowing you to maximize the potential of your tools.

5. Premium Aluminum Material

Made from high-quality aluminum, our Schraubstockbacken is lightweight yet durable. This material provides excellent strength and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use these Schraubstockbacken with other brands of Schraubstock?

A: While our Schraubstockbacken are specifically designed to fit our 180mm Schraubstock, they may also be compatible with other brands. However, we recommend checking the specifications and dimensions to ensure a proper fit.

Q: Are the integrated special magnets removable?

A: No, the integrated special magnets are not removable. They are securely embedded within the Schraubstockbacken to provide added convenience and efficiency.

Q: Can I use these Schraubstockbacken for heavy-duty applications?

A: Yes, our Schraubstockbacken are designed to withstand heavy-duty applications. The premium aluminum material and robust construction ensure durability and reliable performance even under demanding conditions.


Experience the difference with our Heuer 110180 Schraubstockbacken. With its right-angled protection jaws, planparallel design, integrated special magnets, perfect fit for 180mm Schraubstock, and premium aluminum material, this product is the perfect solution for all your needs. Order now and take your work to the next level!