Surfanic Luggage Maxim Roller Bag (Turquoise)

Surfanic Luggage Maxim Roller Bag (Turquoise)

Surfanic Luggage Maxim Roller Bag (Turquoise)

Lightweight at just 3.8kg, the Surfanic roller bag is the perfect workhorse for any trip. Pack it to the max, and avoid being stung at check-in for that extra baggage allowance. If you’re traveling light, the roller compresses right down to secure your load. Stand the bag up and when compressed, your gear stays put. The split level design makes packing easy and prevents your gear from looking like you slept in it.

Built to last, the roller is constructed from heavy-duty 600D polyester and reinforced where it matters. The padded grab handles make the roller easy to carry, but why bother? Throw it to the floor, extend the handle, and wheel the bag with ease. The poly-urethane wheels glide effortlessly on any surface, saving your energy for what matters.


  • Fully Retractable Handle
  • 2-way Lockable Zips
  • Integrated Poly-Urethane Wheels
  • 4-way Compression Straps
  • Split Level Construction

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the roller bag suitable for international travel?

Yes, the Surfanic roller bag is suitable for both domestic and international travel. It meets the standard size requirements for most airlines.

2. Can the roller bag be used as a carry-on?

Yes, the roller bag is designed to fit in the overhead compartments of most airplanes. However, it’s always best to check with your specific airline for their carry-on size restrictions.

3. How durable is the bag?

The roller bag is built to last with its heavy-duty 600D polyester construction and reinforced areas. It can withstand the rigors of travel and protect your belongings.

4. Can the roller bag be easily maneuvered?

Yes, the bag features poly-urethane wheels that glide effortlessly on any surface. The fully retractable handle allows for easy maneuverability.


The Surfanic Luggage Maxim Roller Bag (Turquoise) is a reliable and stylish travel companion. Its lightweight design, split level construction, and compression straps make packing a breeze. The durable materials and reinforced areas ensure that your belongings are protected throughout your journey. With its easy maneuverability and spacious interior, this roller bag is a must-have for any traveler.