Tuword Microscope 300X-600X-1200X Monocular Microscopes with Metal Arm Complete Microscope Kit(70 pieces + accessories) Precision Fine Focus Biological Education

Tuword Microscope 300X-600X-1200X, Monocular Microscopes with Metal Arm, Complete Microscope Kit(70 pieces + accessories), Precision Fine Focus, Biological Education

Tuword Microscope 300X-600X-1200X

Are you looking for a high-quality microscope for your biological education needs? Look no further! The Tuword Microscope 300X-600X-1200X is the perfect choice for students and enthusiasts alike. With its metal arm and complete microscope kit, this microscope offers precision fine focus and a clear view of specimens.


3 Objective Lens

The Tuword microscope kit presents with 3 objective lens options: 300x, 600x, and 1200x. This allows you to choose the magnification level that suits your needs. Additionally, the kit includes 15 slides and 8 covers, providing ample options for observation.

5 Samples and 4 Preparations

Included in the microscope kit are 5 complete glass slides with various samples, such as onion bulb epidermis, corn roots, pine leaves, tree stems, and bagged pumpkin stems. Additionally, there are 4 preparations available, including yeast, sea salt, brine worm eggs, and colloidal medium. These samples and preparations offer a diverse range of specimens for observation.

Clear View

The Tuword microscope is designed with a rubber base and metal arm to prevent shaking, ensuring precision fine focus. The projector allows multiple people to observe the clear view of the specimen simultaneously, making it ideal for educational settings.

Color Filter Wheel

To enhance the clarity and brightness of your observations, the Tuword microscope is equipped with a color filter wheel. This feature allows you to easily obtain a clear and bright view without staining the slides.

Automatic Lighting

The electric illumination design of the Tuword microscope facilitates normal observation under any lighting conditions. This ensures that you can easily observe items without any hindrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this microscope be used for professional purposes?

While the Tuword microscope is primarily designed for educational purposes, it can also be used for basic professional applications.

2. Is the microscope easy to assemble?

Yes, the microscope is easy to assemble and comes with a comprehensive instruction manual.

3. Can the magnification level be adjusted?

Yes, the microscope offers three different magnification levels: 300x, 600x, and 1200x.


The Tuword Microscope 300X-600X-1200X is a reliable and versatile microscope that is perfect for biological education. With its metal arm, complete microscope kit, precision fine focus, and clear view, it provides an excellent platform for observing various specimens. Whether you are a student or an enthusiast, this microscope is sure to meet your needs.