YBING Corner Floating Shelves – Enhance Your Home Decor

YBING Corner Floating Shelves – Enhance Your Home Decor

YBING Corner Floating Shelves – Enhance Your Home Decor

“A home is not just a place, it’s a feeling.”

Introducing YBING Corner Floating Shelves

Are you looking for a stylish and practical solution to enhance your home decor? Look no further than the YBING Corner Floating Shelves. These beautifully crafted shelves are designed to maximize your wall space while adding a touch of rustic elegance to any room.

Transform Your Living Space

With the YBING Corner Floating Shelves, you can easily transform any empty corner into a functional and visually appealing display area. Whether you want to showcase your favorite books, display decorative items, or organize your essentials, these shelves are the perfect solution.

High-Quality Wood Construction

Our corner shelves are made from premium quality wood, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The rustic brown finish adds a warm and inviting touch to your home decor, making these shelves a versatile addition to any room.

Easy Installation

Installing the YBING Corner Floating Shelves is a breeze. Each set comes with all the necessary hardware and step-by-step instructions, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly mount the shelves on your wall. No need to hire a professional – you can do it yourself!

Multiple Uses

The YBING Corner Floating Shelves are not limited to a specific room. They can be used in various areas of your home, including the bedroom, living room, bathroom, home office, and kitchen. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Can these shelves hold heavy items?
  2. Yes, our corner shelves are designed to hold a significant amount of weight. However, we recommend evenly distributing the weight across the shelves for optimal performance.

  3. Are the shelves easy to clean?
  4. Absolutely! Simply wipe the shelves with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the wood.

  5. Can I paint the shelves to match my existing decor?
  6. Yes, you can paint the shelves to match your desired color scheme. However, keep in mind that the rustic brown finish adds a unique charm to the shelves, so painting may alter their original aesthetic.

  7. What is the size of each shelf?
  8. Each shelf measures approximately 12 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 2 inches in height.


The YBING Corner Floating Shelves are the perfect addition to any home decor. With their rustic brown finish and high-quality wood construction, these shelves not only provide functional storage but also enhance the visual appeal of any room. Transform your living space today and order your set of YBING Corner Floating Shelves!